Why you should hire the “Only REALTOR”!


It has been said jokingly by those in the industry that is best to be “The First Love, The Second Wife and The Third REALTOR”. Why do they say this? This is because if you want to get things working in your favor, this seems to be the best course of action.

When you are the first love, your other half will do almost anything for you….they listen to what you say and they want to make you happy.

The second wife has many of the same advantages as the first love. The husband has learned from experience and often will work hard to make the relationship a good one, avoiding they may have made the first time around.

The third REALTOR has much of the same advantages, the mistakes of the first two REALTORS can now be avoided and the Seller is more likely to listen to reason about price, marketing, staging and the like. If a Seller gets to a third REALTOR that is often when the property will sell as the Seller has been worn down by the process of trying to sell over a long period of time, is now more willing to listen and understand the market data (they have lived it at this point) and will be more open to advice from their REALTOR as they “Just want to get it SOLD!”

I say lets avoid this process! I want to be the ONLY REALTOR! Why should a client have to struggle with a grueling sales process?As your agent I will do the research so that not only is your property priced well from the initial listing date, I will show you with real market data why my recommendations make the most sense.

Over-pricing a property will lead to time lost marketing and unrealistic expectations for the property owner. An overpriced property will get fewer showings. Often buyers will not even make offers on these properties if they feel that the price is too high and they believe that the Seller is being unrealistic.

Underpricing properties can cause a bidding war between buyers and can leave sellers feeling like money may have been left on the table. Underpricing can also have the opposite effect causing potential buyers to feel that the property has been priced low due to deficiencies causing buyers to be wary about making offers.

When choosing an agent it is important to find the agent that knows the market. Someone who is busy is much more familiar with market conditions than someone who is not. They are submerged in the market on a daily basis. The “ONLY REALTOR” to get the job done! My expertise will help you get your home from Listed to Sold!