Getting Ready for Spring and Listing Your Home


As the snow falls yet another day in this long and very frigid winter, we need to start thinking about the Spring.  Where are those crocus and snowdrops we usually see in early March?  They are still hiding underneath the many inches of snow that seem to have no sign of melting anytime soon.

The clocks will Spring ahead this Sunday morning and with it comes more daylight…..a sure sign that Spring is right around the corner.  If you are thinking of selling, it is time to get your home ready.

Let’s start by getting some boxes and putting all those items that have been “hanging around” that you will not need until you have moved into your new home away. Don’t forget to mark your box with what is in it!  Once we have removed those items, take a good look at each room….all those personal items like pictures, artwork made especially for you by a family member, put those away too. 

Now that your rooms are less cluttered and you can see better, take a good look at the walls and ceilings…….is a fresh coat of paint needed?  You can get started on that now.  What about the windows? Wash the curtains, dust the blinds. Do the windows need to be cleaned….a brighter home shows better!  It is time to clean and de-clutter! 

Don’t forget your closets….great time to start your donations for next year’s taxes….thin out those closets.  An overstuffed closet makes it look like your home is lacking storage space.

Once you have accomplished the clean-up, it is now time to prep each room to be shown.  Remove unnecessary furniture, add some life to your rooms – good lighting is essential…..change your burnt out light bulbs!  Add lamps to darker spaces to bring light to the area.  When feasible, bring in some fresh flowers, or just open the windows and let some fresh air in!

Try to look at your home through the eyes of a Buyer.  If you were looking at your home for the first time, what would you want to see?  What items are appealing to you?  What items do you not find appealing?  Make adjustments accordingly.  Remember, the Buyer of your home will not be living with “your stuff” you want them to be able to picture themselves and “their stuff” in your home.

Happy Spring!